Oh no that’s not a good start, just realised I haven’t written anything for 10 days so better give you something to read!

Trying to get out and take more landscape images, its true what you read! You take what you believe is a great shot but you get it home in Lightroom and its just boring. So what’s missing? Having read and watched many YouTube videos its true that you need something in the subject that stimulates the viewer. A rock in the foreground, a tree, boat just something that stimulates you and makes a static photo interesting.

I am learning slowly, but I am also my worst critic, so many images get deleted because I just do not get inspired when I look at them. In the long run I believe this is not a bad thing it will help to have a portfolio of the very best images (best of my ability) and hopefully from this I can build a portfolio and maybe even sell prints in the future.

We all have our own style, I take note of what others do but I don’t want to replicate their images. Take on board everything and make the most visual appealing version of what you have shot. Shooting in RAW and keeping the working files of your best images you can always go back and re-visit your changes, tweak them a little, remove that annoying speck you now see weeks later…

My main focus has been sports/basketball but I find landscapes intriguing and interesting, I have shot 1,000’s of images and I believe I have 2 that really shine, in my eyes!

UPDATE: Decided to invest in a square filter system, the prices I could not believe so I have ordered a system from SRB Photographic, let’s see how it goes I might even do a mini review!

Equipment used

Nikon D7200
Pig Iron LB-1 L Bracket
Sigma 17-50mm f2.8
Andoer Aluminum Travel Camera Tripod

Enjoy & shoot more…

(Main image shot using Nikon D7200 and Sigma 17-50 f2.8, EXIF 1/3 at f13 – 50mm, ISO 100)